Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ginza, 銀座

Ginza is the heart of upper class shopping in Tokyo. The main streets of Ginza are packed full of humongous department stores and restaurants. Inside the department stores are all fashion and jewelery, but the hidden treasures are in the basements. All basement levels in the stores are for food. Once in the basement, you'll see endless rows of glass showcases all filled to the brim of what appears to be wax models of food, but upon closer inspection the food isn't wax at all but it's actually food, I'm still gobsmacked on how they can manage to massively produce so much delicacies in such a pristine and perfect manner, it was very hard to walk away from it all; the smell, the colours but alas the prices definately helped us to walk away from the basements. We couldn't come out of there empty handed, so we approached a nice little store selling macaroons. Exquisite taste and devine packaging is all I can say.

Also a must visit and pictured left (the giant red paper clip) is 文房具専門店 Itoya, it's an eleven storey building full of nothing but stationery, if your a bit of a stationery collector like myself, then it's a goer.

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