Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Ueno, 上野

Ueno, アメ横, is a district developed after the second world war. It's famous for pedestrian access only streets lined with small shops selling from food to clothing and anything in between. It's also a place you can find bargains, a more local place. We saw many locals running their daily errands, housewives doing their grocery shoppings, highschool kids hopping from arcade to arcade, it's a very interesting place. Not only did we find some excellent bento, we also found a temple right in the middle of the district. The bento is something to be commended. As you can see in the pictures the finish product that the customer receives is almost identical to the picture they provided on the menu, this is something that Japan does very well. Most other restaurants as I'm sure you would know, usually look nothing like their advertised products, from Chinese restaurants to McDonalds, this has been something we never expected but the Japanese takes for granted, and all this for 700, and in Japan standards, that isn't very expensive at all.

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