Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tokyo Japan, 東京日本

Japan is definately a place anyone must visit, at least a few times. You would not believe the amount of technology, art, history and development that one city can harbour harmoniously. Beware though, most Japanese cannot comprehend simple English, so a few words of simple Japanese is a must like あるところ (where is....), どの位お金か (how much) or more importantly 洗面所があるところ (where is the toilet). It also makes it a lot more easier albeit more interesting also if one could comprehend hiragana, katakana and kanji.

As a Chinese kanji is no challenge for me for it's just Chinese and most of it usually means what it means. Hiragana is your normal Japanese in written form and katagana usually is used for Japanese translated from English like コーヒー (coffee). Reading katagana in Japan for me had been an extremely fun exercise whilst I wander around in the city, because for me I have to sound out the pronouciation before I can make sense of what it actually is, and boy it is satisfying when I get it correct, around 90% of the time I must boast.
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