Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tsukiji shijō, 築地市場

It's the biggest fish market in the world trading more than 400 species of seafood daily, over 700,000 tons of seafood make their way through the market yearly turning over 600 billion yen with over 65,000 people working within. It's a huge tourist attraction and with it's centralised location in the middle of Tokyo it really is a must see. Unfortunately for my wife and I when we arrived it turned out to be a seemingly randomised Wednesday day off, but it did offer  a different perspective to the usual busy fish market, we were able to walk all through the market and viewed many seafood stores with not a soul in sight. It was eerie but yet a pleasant stroll. After exploring the empty markets we ventured out to the local stores outside and managed to locate some food stores, we dug in...

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