Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cycling, you know you want to

Cycling is a great sport, well some people would call it that, some would consider it a leisure activity, while some would think it's a form of transportation, a more old fashioned type of transportation at that. However it appears that it's making a big come back in recent years, mainly due to the carbon emission and global warming issues brought up by leading scientists of our era. At first it would appear to be a simple change for a long term solution to use bicycles as a main  form of transportation within large cities, but there's always a but to everything, only the most well planned and developed cities can accomodate this change with good result. Now we're not talking about chaos every morning on the streets like China and Vietnam, what we should be looking at is safe bicycle routes throughout the city and a leisure sight seeing run for tourists. This requires a very high degree of precision in planning and accomodation by the city planners and only a few cities have managed to implement this change in a good way. Paris is one, where tourists can register for an account and hire bicycles around the city and return them at designated stations,  this is a first of more to come, Japan however have made a lot of free bicycle parking and safe roads for cyclists where a majority of people would cycle from their home to the nearest railway station to commute to work. If only more places can find a way to make this happen.

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