Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tokyo Tower, 東京タワー

How can anyone visit Tokyo without seeing the Tokyo Tower? It is the counterpart of the London Big Ben, Sydney Opera House, Statue of Liberty, so on and so forth. To catch the tower in all it's glory you would need to go there at night because that's when they turn all the lights on the tower. The tower was opened in 1958, standing 333m tall, 13m taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it weighs in at 4,000t, 140 drums of paint was used to paint the tower to orange, also it's an active tower broadcasting 240 waves of which 14 are analog and 10 are digital, and 176 floodlights had been installed on the tower to keep it illuminated with orange light in winter and white light in summer. The tower before you approach it, can be seen a fair distance away and to be honest, the tower actually looks better from the outside, you could also travel up to the top of the tower for a nominal fee. After browsing through the small mall of shops at the feet of the tower we decided to grab dinner before heading back to the hotel, and regret is a strong word but I'd have to use it here (first and only time in Japan we found bad food).

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