Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Kyoto Kiyomizudera Temple, 京都 清水寺

Since we arrived in Kyoto it had been drizzling, the next day it kept up more of the same weather. I promised my sis I would buy some 護身符 amulets for her and her family. I had done some searching previously and located this rather large temple in Kyoto. It is a world heritage site, the majority of the temple was built in AD 1633 upon 139 pillars of foundation. The name of the temple which literally means clear water temple got its name from a waterfall in the mountain near the temple. Myth has it that it can cure all diseases. Beautiful cherry blossoms can be seen around the temple during April, but too bad it was September. As we made our way out of the temple to browse around the shops nearby, we found a very nice antique looking shop selling pots and plates, we walked inside and found there was a cafe upstairs, being tired from walking in the temple, we decided to sit down for a coffee and tea, it was exquisite.

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