Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sydney Pyrmont Grower's Market

This is one of many local markets around the Sydney area. It happens every first Saturday of each month except January. It's located in Pyrmont Bay Park opposite to the entrance of Star City. It provides a chance for the freshest organic food to the public. The produce sold here is not the cheapest, so what makes this market significant  for many people is that the products on sale are restricted by food miles (the distance the product has been transported) meaning what is on offer is local and unique to the Pyrmont Growers Market. Selling local fresh foods directly from farmers to consumers is what farmers’ markets are renowned for all over the world. They offer relief in a society quickly becoming globalised, where local cuisine and custom are eradicated by monoculture and large corporations such as Kellog’s, Cadbury and McDonald’s. There's an air of tranquility and relaxation all around the market, people are having coffee, chatting with friends and farmers, it is more of a gathering than a food market.

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