Monday, June 11, 2012

jones The Grocer

jones the grocer is Australia's premium food store concept, they provide gourmet food for every day living. If one were to fully rely on their gourmet food for every day consumption then one should have a fairly deep pocket, not that it is a bad place to shop but it is very premium. They sell all sorts of western grocery from coffee, wine, cheeses, pickled veges, teas, cooking books, pastas, you name it they usually have it, and it's all sorted nicely within the store. The setup of the store is like a big warehouse, once you step foot inside you would immediately take note of the vastness and openess of the store, it gives you a feeling of comfort and honesty. All products are to perfection, and you can never get bored of the coffee there, beautiful latte art and a taste to back it up. It is 'the' place to be for a lazy Sunday brunch.

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