Saturday, December 29, 2012

中山石岐佬 Dining in China Zhong Shan

Dining in China, not only was it fresh, made to order and beautifully decorated, it was above all very cheap, the following pictures will give you a bit of an idea of what you can expect, we ordered all of the cooked dishes in the pictures catering for 10 people and it all came down to around $600 RMB, that's around $70-80 AUD. Excellent service and mouth watering food, exotic nonetheless, things that are very difficult to locate outside even in Hong Kong was available fresh in this restaurant, kudos to our cousin for bringing us there.
中山, 石岐區康華路66號
I think this was made of plastic, a chef.

Frying a large ball of dough, you'll see the one we ordered down below.

Special type of food almost exclusive to Asians, all the above ingredients are stuffed within the green leaves you see below then it's boiled for a few hours to cook the ingredients.

The finished product, we brought 2 home but unfortuntely it was not boiled to perfection, it needed an hour or two more of cooking, the rice was a bit raw.

Fresh food you can choose from and a variety of cooking methods all at your finger tips.

Some type of fish or eel.

A type of clam.
Fresh fish heads.
Fresh fish organs.
We call this milk fish, nice flavours but full of pin bones, not for the faint hearted.
Cooked pig blood for entree.

Even with the incredible pricing, they still managed to print their own tissue box and custom tea pots, amazing.
The finished product, it's hollow inside.

This is stir fried silk worm cocoons.
Fried pork mince cakes.
Fried baby pigeons, it's so young and nicely fried, even the bones were edible.
This would definately not go down well with the animal conservationists.
Fish skin salad with century egg.
Apple Cider, highly recommended.
Fish intestine omlette.
This is the milk fish that we saw live earlier, stir fried with pickled vegetables.
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