Saturday, December 22, 2012

荃灣 Tseun Wan

We landed around dinner time at the International Hong Kong airport, an arrangement was made with my brother in law's sister to pick us up and bring us to the rented apartment she arranged for us in Tsuen Wan. To and fro the Hong Kong airport is always a hassle, it's far enough to be inconvenient for everyone in the country, prices for the most accomodating transport, taxi and MTR would cost at least $200 HKD or more depending on where your heading. A relative took us from the airport back to the apartment. It's a short drive, around 20-30 minutes, the views on the way was spectacular, especially the 青馬大橋 Tsing Ma Bridge, it was stunning, the only let down was the pervasive  polluted air resulting in a hazy outlook, and also I couldn't leap out of the car to take some pictures of the magnificant scenes. The apartment was very close to a waterfront with a runner's path and general walking, a luxury in Hong Kong. Downstairs is a small scale shopping mall with supermarket and various eateries, what was the most interesting was an indoor wet market right under our feet. With a wet market there was bound to be some food stalls with fresh food and excellent prices, it was all there. I was quite surprised by the location and the amenities at hand. The prices in the wet market was quite competitive especially in comparison with Sydney, also the restaurant was excellent, we spent a few dinners there.

$20 HKD per plate, thats what under $3 AUD

The balloon you see here is the device that keeps fishes afloat

Preserved duck legs, mmm

Fresh Yum Cha every morning at great prices

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