Monday, September 24, 2012

The missus' big day, the "B" day

It's the missus' big day again, we ain't much into celebrating or doing anything special but my sister has nicely invited us to a Japanese restaurant at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at the Sydney harbour for a candlelight dinner for two. As usual when we go to the city area, we would head out there a little bit earlier for a light walk and a cup of coffee. We stopped by the same coffee shop that we frequent for a vienna coffee. When the time came we walked out to the harbour side to Yuki's at the Quay in the Terminal building. Sitting outside by the entrance we met a group of around 8 people from China, they ordered a lot of food, and I don't mean that lightly, there was so much food, most of what the waitress' were bringing back were around 80% full, they couldn't stop smoking nor drinking, I guess that's why they chose to sit outside. Inside the restaurant were a bit different, there were a table of caucasian girls and two tables of Japanese businessmen. It was of most particular interest to see two grown and seemed to be of high calibre businessmen sitting side by side with one another, both crossing their arms and looking a bit awkward and a bit anti-social. We knew they had some good standing in a professional sense because when the other younger table of Japanese left, they purposely came by the table to bow to these two. I guess this is how they do business in the traditional sense in Japan, very hierarchial. We ordered a Chef's special course which ran at $110 per person, then we ordered some extra sushi and sashimis. Food was good, very neatly done and flavours were as it should. There was a lot of chatter, some hugging and kissing and overall a lot of good atmosphere, I think the missus was happy.

Wine glasses

Candle with Opera House in the back

Catch of the day; white fish caluppcio with citrus vinegar sauce

UNAGITEN; Eel tempura and grilled tomato served with tume sauce

Deluxe assorted nigiri chef best selection (12 pcs) with Scampi Miso soup

Abalone steak serve with stir fry spinach and garlic butter

Nice plate, never found out what it was for, nice though

Paper hotpot, Duck breast and seasonal vegetables cook in Yuzu flavor soup stock

Three type of Sushi – Chef selection seared nigiri sushi

Seared Salmon Belly Sushi

Grilled Half Lobster dressed with homemade tartar sauce and salmon roe

Home-made Dessert

Nice scene on the way home

One happy missus, mission accomplished
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