Monday, July 2, 2012

Sydney City Walkabout

We had a dinner arrangement for a buffet at Sheraton hotel in the City. Since we don't travel to the City much these days, we decided to go out for the whole afternoon for a walkabout. It was a cooler day than I had expected. Dry air, piercing winds, I clenched onto my scarf and other hand in my pocket trying to linger onto the small amounts of warmth that my body was able to generate in such conditions. After lunch my body was much more able in dealing with the cool climate, however I was readily amazed when I see women walking around with tiny skirts and paper thin pantyhoses, they usually had their arms folded in front of their chests and looked thoroughly chilled  to the bone, they still insisted fashion over comfort, kudos to them.

We had a few hours  to spare and we decided to visit the bookstore 紀伊國屋書店 (Kinokuninya) in Townhall. Reading is a great favourite past-time and we just love browsing in huge bookstores. Would be awesome to have a huge collection of books in my own place one day. After a few hours, and with the purchase of two select books we headed out for dinner at Four Seaons.

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