Monday, July 2, 2012

FOUR POINTS by Sheraton

Buffets, everyone knows what it's all about and everyone has had a few in the past, but everytime we go to a buffet we always come out surprised. Surprised by what you may ask? Mostly surprised at the amount of food that we can stuff into our stomachs. Everyone starts off strong and agressive but soon, very soon like ten minutes into the buffet, we usually start to regret what we already tried. Twenty minutes into the buffet and you would start thinking about dessert and the nice bottomless ice creams. By the  time your through the cakes and pastries and before you had gotten to the ice cream, you should be feeling half sick and consider letting loose in the lavatory. Somehow we usually still manage to squeeze in the ice cream and then moments later, maybe just a little bit more of the more expensive stuff like prawns and oysters. Packed to the brim and certainly to the extent that's physically possible, we finished our dinner and headed home.

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