Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Little Hand Stirred Jam Shop

Strong curiosity grew as I found a pamphlet in Zen Oasis. It's a little jam shop that's quite close to the restaurant, with the pamphlet also comes a free cup of coffee, my sister and I agreed to head there after lunch on the way home. It took us a little over five minutes to get there, it is an old style hand made jam shop. Once inside there was as expected a large assortment of jams, chutneys, butters, chocolates, ice creams, and many other stuff. The place is full of old things, I loved it, when we approached the ice cream and coffee section of the shop, my wife noticed a large old photograph hung on the wall, the lady explained to us, the photo was taken in Milano in 1906, now what's special about this photograph is that it showcased the world's first espresso machine within it, quite astonishing, we just couldn't take our eyes off the photo, she told us that if we ever visit Melbourne you could probably buy a recplica of the photo. I asked if I could take a digital copy of it and she happily agreed. I love this photo because it has that unique espresso machine and also my reflection in it, check it out.


The world's first espresso machine.
My free cuppa.

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