Friday, January 4, 2013

西門町 台北 Shi-men Ting Taipei 鵝肉麵

Shortly after settling in our Taipei Garden Hotel, we ventured out to Shi-men Ting. Soon after arriving in the popular shopping district, we stumbled upon this very old small shop in a dark alley selling goose meat noodles, intrigued I asked if everyone would like to try it. We eventually decided to give it a go and were we surprised at the quality of the food, it was simply excellent, it was flavoursome and the goose was cooked surprisingly well also you could have the goose with a variety of different types of noodles, the price was reasonable, we actually came back a second time before the Taipei trip ended, and that says a lot for adventurous travellers.

The place don't look much from the outside, but that was while I took notice, authentic places are usually run down looking.

The cooked gooses for the noodles.

Picked cucumber side dish.

Dried tofu side dish.

The attraction.
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